Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Obama and the KKK's Byrd both issue racist vote on Brown...

Barack Obama and Robert Byrd both excercised their right to vote as United States Senators late Wednesday afternoon in the vote to confirm Janice Rogers Brown to the U.S. District Court of Appeals.

And even though there was a day when the former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan would have spit on Obama as much as look at him - heck he might have even wanted to burn across on his lawn or drag him behind a truck.

But there was Obama, arm in arm, with Senator Klan Grandpa casting a vote that would attempt to prevent one of the most inspiring Americans to rise from the ashes of prejudice and racism and eventually come to serve her nation in the California Supreme Court.

She would be prevented from going further if Byrd and Obama had their way. Fortunately they got no where near it. Janice Rogers Brown has just been confirmed by a vote of 56 to 43.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Obama: A rightful part of Black History Month

The Houston Chronicle's Gregory Clay has a healthy attempt for Black History this year. Actually make it about legitimate Black History. No rappers no athletes need apply.

The Obama Factor thought it nice to recognize that Clay actually did have a good reason for putting Barack Obama on the list.(Two actually) He is only the 5th black senator in the history of the U.S. Senate, and equally impressive he was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

Whatever Obama's failings in consistency in his public policy, the Obama Factor has no problem acknowledging these legitimate and impressieve accomplishments from the freshman Senator from Illinois.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bush reaches out, Obama shows up...

Yesterday President Bush continued his outreach to African Americans hosting the East Wing event that honored Black History and established a thoughtful new exhibit at the Smithsonian.

According to the Washington Times, Senator Obama was in attendance as the President was interrupted some 17 times for applause (from leader's in the African American community) in his speech to honor Black History, and to announce the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

To that end, the president yesterday used the occasion of Black History Month to talk about the Smithsonian's new National Museum of African
American History and Culture.

"It's important that our children know that there was a time in their nation's history when one in every seven human beings was the property of another," said Mr. Bush, who in 2003 signed the law creating the new museum. "They need to know how families were separated, denied even the comfort of suffering together. It's an important lesson of a shameful period that the young must never forget."

Barack Obama: The Reason Black History Month Must Continue.

A bit overblown maybe? This op-ed from Newsday points to Barack Obama in nearly Messianic terms. Sure - we believe he will make a serious run for VP in 2008 alongside Hillary. And we believe he will eventually seek to be the top of the ticket at some point...

But to label Obama as: "the exception..." as to why "we still need Black History month". Not only overstates Obama's importance (he has yet to sign his name to any accomplishment thus far), but also diminishes the true value of truly important African that cute size 6 who has most Europe tied around her pinky right now.

Good grief Newsday...get a life.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Obama: On Social Security?

In the Morris Daily Herald Owen R. Brugh reported that Illinois Senators are opposed to the President's plan to save Social Security.

Though Brugh reported that Obama said he would work with the President to fix Social Security, Obama quickly clarified.

“The question is whether the president and the Congressional Republican leadership are open to an honest exchange of ideas ... rather than pursuing a partisan political agenda.”

Evidently the Democrat's definition of "working together" or "an honest exchange of ideas" is for President Bush to propose an idea, democrats yell out "no" during the state of the union, and give no alternative plan of their own.

And for what its worth - it shouldn't be considered a "partisan agenda" to try and fix the Social Security system which will run a deficit in 2018 and be more than 250 billion in the hole by 2042. How 'bout some ideas Senator?

Obama: "Gonzales failed to show moral clarity..."

On Friday in the Chicago Sun Times, Lynn Sweet observed some thing about Dick Durbin's and Barack Obama's recent votes on Cabinet nominees.

Senator Dufus (Durbin) of course sided with the KKK's Robert Byrd in voting against the only African American woman ever to be nominated to the position of Secretary of State. Durbin has made a living in recent years doing all he can to keep well qualified nominees for federal judiciary positions locked out through his use of filibusters. Durbin has slammed African Americans, Hispanics, and some of the most qualified women ever to be nominated.

Senator Obama on the other hand DID vote for Secretary Rice. At least on some level Senator Obama recognized that it would reflect incredibly poor on his judgement to side with the former Grand Kleagal of the KKK.

Gonzales however was a different matter. Towards the end of the Lynn Sweet column the Sun-Times columnist
relates this interaction.
We talked Thursday morning in his windowless temporary office in the basement of the Dirksen Senate Office Building. A big file was on his desk,
labeled transcripts from Gonzales' confirmation hearing. Those transcripts only increased his concerns, he said.

Earlier, Gonzales met privately with Obama in a quest for his vote. It was, Obama told me, a "vigorous discussion.'' Gonzales was not persuasive. The nation does not need an "attorney general who can't say no to the president.''

In a floor speech, Obama said the job of an attorney general is to be the "people's lawyer'' and not the "president's lawyer,'' finding narrow legal arguments to justify a policy the White House wants to execute.

Said Obama, who is charting his course in his early days in the Senate, Gonzales did not "show an ability to speak with responsible moral clarity.''
An inability "to speak with moral clarity"? He's kidding right?

This is the same Senator who as a State Senator in Illinois voted in the minority to protect a procedure that would allow a baby born alive to be left to die in a soiled utility room. Senator Obama would allow the passive taking of this innocent and vulnerable life through neglect - simply because the mother who gave the child birth would not want him/her.

In addition to this the Senator is on record as supporting the right of the doctor to deliver a child to within two inches of birth, thrusting a pair of scissors into the child's cranium, crushing the brain of the child, allowing it to be suctioned out, and then deliver the body of the now dead baby. This procedure is commonly referred to as "partial birth abortion" and the American Medical Association is on record as stating that this procedure is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother.

If Senator Obama can not see the lack of moral clarity in his own immoral beliefs it gives one cause for great doubt in him having any ability to see moral clarity in other's beliefs.

As to the issue of Gonzales, the War On Terror, and even the methods used to extract information that will save us from future terror attacks...Obama apparently does not believe that there is a true War On Terror at all. Therefore any discussions beyond that point becomes mute.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Senator "Purple States" has no voice in SOTU...

Even though Hugh Hewitt now has said that Obama will infact be Hillary's running mate on his own blog in recent day, evidently talent is something that alone could not fit him into the State of the Union goings on.

The only shot that the camera put on Obama came in the midst of one of the most important parts of the speech, and his sour, glum, look - coupled with that blank bored stare did little to improve his image

Barack Obama hated the State of the Union.

Obama Factor: Does he or does he not support the War on Terror?

It seems a funny thing to most...if you say one thing and then do another, most of the time, you are not taken seriously.

Throughout Barack Obama's campaign he repeatedly asserted his opposition to the War On Terror. He constantly appeased the lefties who bank-rolled him that he would in fact oppose the War and would work vigorously to end the effort in Iraq.

So far he is zip for zip on those promises...

But today this news report found him doing something I'm sure none of us ever thought we would see him doing...defending the existence of a military base? Two of them?

Illinois' two senators are hoping no military installations in the
state will make it on the Pentagon's next list of cuts.Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama today sent letters to the nominees to the Base Realignment and Closure or BRAC Commission. In the letters, the senators stress the importance of the bases to the state's economy and the nation's military readiness.All U.S. military bases are up for consideration during the BRAC process, including five in Illinois, the Air National Guard Bases in Peoria and Springfield, Scott Air Force Base, the Rock Island Arsenal and Great Lakes Naval Training Center.The 182nd Airlift Wing updated its fleet last week with the addition of eight C-130's.The aircraft built in the 1990's replace a fleet of 40-year-old models.The federal government plans to close another round of military bases it considers 'surplus' this year.Illinois lost 5 military bases in 3 previous base losing rounds.

So let's review - when he is running for the position of Senator on behalf of the decmoratic nut wing of his party - he runs to the Howard Dean crowd and says, "Yes sir, I'm your man!"

After he's elected, "oh - its a moral outrage to not have so many military bases in Illinois."

I know that having Senator Dufus be your partner and mentor is not a good training ground. But really shouldn't he be allowed to speak and act without giving evidence of the mindless self-serving nature that Dick Durbin possesses in such abundance.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

A forgetable response to an unforgettable day...

We at the Obama Factor understand why Barack Obama did not release a press statement this today. Most likely he does not deem the events as they unfolded in Iraq today to be of consequence. In fact most likely he was following the lead of the failed Presidential candidate John Kerry in believing and telling folks that more or less the world doesn't care about this election and that the U.S. "should be careful" not to "overhype" the overwhelming results in Iraq (early estimates put the outcome at near 10,000,000 ballots cast and 72% turnout).

But what DID Obama use this historic weekend to do...?

Believe it or not - THIS is how lame things get for these anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-war types.

That's right...reduced to discussing - the "availability of fake airline pilot uniforms".

Hmm let's see Bush's idea of fighting terrorism: 'Dethrone terrorist regimes. Kill known terrorists. Plant democracies throughout the region so that citizens grow up in freedom and not oppression."

Obama's idea of fighting terror: "Hold lame press conference with Dick Durbin. Hope that nobody notices that you don't acknowledge the single most important day in the middle east in YEARS!"

Gee - I wonder who history will say was more effective in winning the war on terror...?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Obama Factor: Weekend Newswatch...Obama's Recent Headlines

A very busy week for the freshman Senator from Illinois and the Obama Factor has observed it all...

He promised to pump up the disability pay benefits for Illinois veterans...after meeting with disabled vets he believed he could then promise that he could up Illinois' standing with the Federal Government. (Illinois currently ranks 50 of 52 in getting disability payment from Federal coffers...)

He attempted to be the Eddie Haskell of the Condaleeza Rice hearings...

"I guess the comment that I'd like to make is that in the activist proactive strategies that you pursue, it seems to me that this administration often asks that we simply go along and have faith that you're making the right decisions.

But I think that from the perspective of my constituents in Illinois, at least, a number of people did vote for George Bush and do trust him. But my job as a senator is to make sure that we're basing these decisions on facts and that I probe and not simply take it on faith that good decisions are being made."

By comparison to many on the panel Obama came off as hesitant to attack Rice. Probably a wise decision given the probability that he will named the VP running mate to Hillary Clinton in 2008. He also just went ahead and voted to recommend her nomination to the Senate for a vote. He has not however broken the KKK's Robert Byrd's "spiking" of Condi's nomination on the floor.

Today in a Memphis newspaper, former Congressman J.C. Watts weighed in on what African American lawmakers have the potential to really impact the legislative process. Watts named two democrats - Congressman Harold Ford of Tennessee and Illinois' Obama.