Friday, November 19, 2004

Obama says hello, Fitzgerald - goodbye...

For what it is worth...some of us had almost forgotten about Peter Fitzgerald. Someone who served his state with honor - even if his corrupt state party never quite warmed to him.

Nevertheless the left lunies in Illinois are all GaGa for the new guy and so it goes...

Today in the St. Louis Dispatch the paper ran a full page article on the exit of Fitzgerald and the incoming "rock star" Obama.

The article documents "how much" Obama is winning over - democrats - to sing his praises and then proclaim to the world (er the press) what a studly revolutionary he is...

Emerging from one of his first meetings with Obama, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a four-term Democrat from New Jersey, had one word to describe the newly elected Illinois Democrat. "Wow!"

"... He's so bright and inspiring," Lautenberg said. "We're all excited about him." In the afterglow of his charismatic performance at the Democratic National Convention, there's already buzz about Obama as presidential material.

And in the wake of their own disappointing election results, Senate Democrats are looking to Obama to take on a high-profile role in their caucus as a spokesman and campaign-money magnet. "Barack Obama comes to the United States Senate with a lot of friends," said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. "We're going to be counting on him to help us raise funds, recruit candidates and deliver our message."

Well of course you are Tricky Dicky Durbin...

What is interesting is that it could easily be argued that Obama is the ONLY Democratic Senator that has ANY momentum moving in his direction.

The Dems continued to get pounded in the last round of elections. Obama was the only BIG winner. But let's be honest - he lacked considerably less than impressive competition and until the Illinois Republican Party ever gets its act together - he may not for quite some time.

Obama will be a player - the Dems will cower to him partly because he's African American - and this will cause the myth of his prowess to grow...

I mean - if they are falling all over themselves trying to get on his good side now - how much more will they dance when Hillary names Obama as her running mate in 2008.

He hasn't even cast one vote in the Senate yet - and he appeared on the "possible 2008 Presidential Candidates" list by Gallup earlier this week.

But don't worry - The Obama Factor will be watching every vote he makes in his Freshman Senate term, every act of obstruction, every filibuster he favors, every justice he attempts to spike.

We will need no cameras to demonstrate how far left of center is - we will simply let his votes speak for themselves... SEMPER FI Truthseekers!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Messianic Obama"

For all the grief that has been given President Bush in running a "Messianic" type of administration, it appears as though others are beginning to cast themselves into "Messianic" roles.

Sometimes others do it for them...

In this Sunday article in the San Diego Tribune the reporter follows the Senator Elect from Illinois to a local town hall style meeting in Rockford Illinois.

An admirer from the neighboring state of Wisconsin drove an hour and a half to get there...proclaiming this to the new 43 year old "rock star" of the Democratic Party.

"With all this talk of mandates, you have my mandate and the mandate of people way beyond Rockford or even the state of Illinois," Fox said. "We are people who are divided as a country, and we need your presence ... to bring our states back together and to bring us back
together as an American people."

"That's a pretty big job you just gave me," Obama said, prompting laughter from the library crowd. Someone shouted back, "You can do it!"

There is more to this "aura of invincability" than what Obama often plays down. In fact it is his boyish charm that makes him so potent.

As we will be able to point out in the days ahead Obama is a radical idealogue. (As his votes prove) But since he is so adept at playing the "aw shucks" card, we firmly believe that the Presidency is what he is ultimately after.

Could he be a running mate to Hillary Clinton in 2008? He makes the most sense and the Democrats are believing that they need a Clinton on the ticket with the other half being someone who will energize and bring the "aw shucks" element that Bill had but that Hillary sorely lacks.

It also helps Obama that he belongs to a church on the southside of Chicago. He doesn't believe in the same things the great "values voters" of 2004 - but he can speak a language that will make some of them think he does. This is something that John Kerry would have given his right arm for. (Or maybe his second spot on the ticket looking back on things now...)

Barack Obama: Teaching keeps him sharp?

I don't quite know what to make of a central assertion given by Barack Obama in the context of this pretty flattering profile by the BBC. Barack's lengthy and somewhat complicated background is summed up pretty neatly in the piece.

Towards the end though - this little nugget comes popping out at you:

Mr Obama still practises law, and also does some teaching at the University of Chicago Law School which he says keeps him sharp when it comes to issues like abortion, gay rights and affirmative action.

This is a pretty startling statement when you look at its intended meaning - and Obama's actual record.

By "staying sharp" Obama has voted:

1. To allow newborn infants to die from neglect in a Suburban Chicago Hospital's soiled utility room.
2. To legally protect the practice of delvering a near term baby to within two inches of a normal delivery, have the doctor insert a pair of scissors into the base of the baby's cranium and use them to crush the child's newly formed brain, then suctioning out the effects the baby's now dead body is delivered the final two inches - the practice known as partial birth abortion. 3. To advance the causes of the most progressive gay-activists in the nation and to c0-sponsor on multiple occassions a bill which would seek to add the term of sexual orientation to the State of Illinois' Civil Rights Act. Thus allowing someone to gain preference in getting a home or a job - because they desire to have sex with someone just like them.
4. To adamantly seek the advancement of Same-Sex marriage into the mainstream of American life - despite the fact that in most states the voters have spoken and said that they do not wish it to take place in overwhelming margins (60-88%).

If these are the issues that Obama cites as to what teaching law school helps him stay "sharp" on - heaven help his students...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Welcome to The Obama Factor

We are glad you could stop by what will be the equivalent of on the new Senator from Illinois. Expect this to be the premiere outlet to follow Obama's every move.

We should have plenty to keep us busy...