Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Messianic Obama"

For all the grief that has been given President Bush in running a "Messianic" type of administration, it appears as though others are beginning to cast themselves into "Messianic" roles.

Sometimes others do it for them...

In this Sunday article in the San Diego Tribune the reporter follows the Senator Elect from Illinois to a local town hall style meeting in Rockford Illinois.

An admirer from the neighboring state of Wisconsin drove an hour and a half to get there...proclaiming this to the new 43 year old "rock star" of the Democratic Party.

"With all this talk of mandates, you have my mandate and the mandate of people way beyond Rockford or even the state of Illinois," Fox said. "We are people who are divided as a country, and we need your presence ... to bring our states back together and to bring us back
together as an American people."

"That's a pretty big job you just gave me," Obama said, prompting laughter from the library crowd. Someone shouted back, "You can do it!"

There is more to this "aura of invincability" than what Obama often plays down. In fact it is his boyish charm that makes him so potent.

As we will be able to point out in the days ahead Obama is a radical idealogue. (As his votes prove) But since he is so adept at playing the "aw shucks" card, we firmly believe that the Presidency is what he is ultimately after.

Could he be a running mate to Hillary Clinton in 2008? He makes the most sense and the Democrats are believing that they need a Clinton on the ticket with the other half being someone who will energize and bring the "aw shucks" element that Bill had but that Hillary sorely lacks.

It also helps Obama that he belongs to a church on the southside of Chicago. He doesn't believe in the same things the great "values voters" of 2004 - but he can speak a language that will make some of them think he does. This is something that John Kerry would have given his right arm for. (Or maybe his second spot on the ticket looking back on things now...)


Blogger Jim said...

Great to see Alan Keyes getting into the blogging business.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Jacob Black said...

I've got a great idea for you folks: you should hire a guy to follow Senator Obama around videotaping his every move...wait, that's been done. OK, how about this: tell people that Jesus doesn't approve of Senator Obama...wait, that's been done too.

Hmmm, perhaps you are right to just post nonsense on a blog. All the good ideas are taken, evidently.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Buck Fuffalo said...

"There is more to this 'aura of invincability' than what Obama often plays down."

Wow, do you read this stuff before you post it?
Are you posting without a monitor?
Or is it that you think grammar is a "radical socialist" idea?

9:22 AM  
Blogger Amy Allen said...

Please don't castigate this most elucidating blogger whose grammar is very adroit. BTW:Obama's grammar is well pretty much at bass baritone levels.

2:26 PM  

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