Sunday, January 30, 2005

A forgetable response to an unforgettable day...

We at the Obama Factor understand why Barack Obama did not release a press statement this today. Most likely he does not deem the events as they unfolded in Iraq today to be of consequence. In fact most likely he was following the lead of the failed Presidential candidate John Kerry in believing and telling folks that more or less the world doesn't care about this election and that the U.S. "should be careful" not to "overhype" the overwhelming results in Iraq (early estimates put the outcome at near 10,000,000 ballots cast and 72% turnout).

But what DID Obama use this historic weekend to do...?

Believe it or not - THIS is how lame things get for these anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-war types.

That's right...reduced to discussing - the "availability of fake airline pilot uniforms".

Hmm let's see Bush's idea of fighting terrorism: 'Dethrone terrorist regimes. Kill known terrorists. Plant democracies throughout the region so that citizens grow up in freedom and not oppression."

Obama's idea of fighting terror: "Hold lame press conference with Dick Durbin. Hope that nobody notices that you don't acknowledge the single most important day in the middle east in YEARS!"

Gee - I wonder who history will say was more effective in winning the war on terror...?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Obama Factor: Weekend Newswatch...Obama's Recent Headlines

A very busy week for the freshman Senator from Illinois and the Obama Factor has observed it all...

He promised to pump up the disability pay benefits for Illinois veterans...after meeting with disabled vets he believed he could then promise that he could up Illinois' standing with the Federal Government. (Illinois currently ranks 50 of 52 in getting disability payment from Federal coffers...)

He attempted to be the Eddie Haskell of the Condaleeza Rice hearings...

"I guess the comment that I'd like to make is that in the activist proactive strategies that you pursue, it seems to me that this administration often asks that we simply go along and have faith that you're making the right decisions.

But I think that from the perspective of my constituents in Illinois, at least, a number of people did vote for George Bush and do trust him. But my job as a senator is to make sure that we're basing these decisions on facts and that I probe and not simply take it on faith that good decisions are being made."

By comparison to many on the panel Obama came off as hesitant to attack Rice. Probably a wise decision given the probability that he will named the VP running mate to Hillary Clinton in 2008. He also just went ahead and voted to recommend her nomination to the Senate for a vote. He has not however broken the KKK's Robert Byrd's "spiking" of Condi's nomination on the floor.

Today in a Memphis newspaper, former Congressman J.C. Watts weighed in on what African American lawmakers have the potential to really impact the legislative process. Watts named two democrats - Congressman Harold Ford of Tennessee and Illinois' Obama.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Chicago Sun Times: Obama as Eddie Haskell

His first serious committee hearings have come and gone and Barrack Obama seemed to not really make a name for himself. The Obama Factor believes that to be a good thing.

In allowing the rabidly insane and poisonous dwarf from California to be the main embarrassment for the Democrats, (Boxer) Obama avoided any PR related issues in the first visible assignment of the young legislative year.

He did impress the sad little Chicago Sun Times. He also did find a way to try to make concerted digs at Dr. Rice's record - which he pretty much flailed at.

Dr. Rice is out of Obama's league - and he knew it. And in refusing to get engaged in the game of "pout and screech" that Boxer and failed Presidential candidate (we love saying that) Kerry got in to he gets by with a passing grade.

Some points removed for the silly attempt to corner Dr. Rice. But some added for recognizing her accomplishments and competency and in the end voting to recommend her to the full Senate.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Obama Express campaigns in Rockford...

The Obama Factor noted yesterday that the new U.S. Senator from Illinois still appears to be in campaign mode. Today completed the third rally/speaking engagement Obama has conducted in one week in outlying areas of Illinois.

The occassion today was to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr...

"Despite all our differences, we can come together as one people, I believe those things, you believe those things, in the end, that's Dr. King's greatest legacy." Obama connected that legacy to current events affecting all Americans, "I have to remind myself that we're in the mist of a war that Dr.
King probably would have objected to." Obama also put special attention on the young men of society. He reminded them that both Dr. King and Jesus Christ were very young when they had already accomplished so much: "He was at the peak of his powers at 32, 33. Someone else was also at the peak of his powers at 33. Young men!" Obama modernized Dr. Kings teachings. He says "its not about if you can eat at the lunch counter but if you've got a job, can afford the burger at the lunch counter."
Of course Senator Obama - neither Jesus nor Dr. King would embrace your position on Abortion or Gay Marriage - but go ahead and draw as many false analogies as you want...

Dr. King Remembered...

The Obama Factor pauses today to pay homage to one of the greatest of Americans...

We stand grateful for all the Dr. King's life brought to every man, woman, and child in our nation today.

We also echo these sentiments from Kevin McCullough...

And we also believe that this day should mean more than any other holiday...and join with the "service" idea for today.

Obama gets confused for Osama?

Why oh why do I suspect that this won't be the last time Sen. Kennedy makes this mistake?

FROM ABC NEWS: Kennedy also mangled the name of the Democrats' new star, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, calling him "Osama bin … Osama … Obama."
Thanks to Ramblings Journal for pointing it out.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Obama Factor: Weekend Newswatch...Obama's Recent Headlines

The New York Post chats up the idea of an Obama Vice-Presidency in 2008. The idea is as running mate with present New York Attorney General - Eliot Spitzer. The idea is ridiculous because we all know Hillary Clinton will be the candidate.

The Obama Factor does believe that Obama makes the most sense for a Hillary candidacy as a named VP.

Not surprisingly this silly idea stemmed from the "Eliot Spitzer for Governor" website...

The (Chicago) Daily Herald is also pointing out that Obama is still behaving as though he is still running for office. Though we guess now would not be too early a time to begin working donors and crowds for 2008 VP votes... He held a very similar townhall style gathering just days before and the Chicago Tribune loved it... But what can you expect from the parent company of the L.A. Times?

It turned out to be a bit of a busy week for him - he opened yet another patronage clearing we mean "office" in Springfield.

(Paranthetical thought here: why does every "news story" written about Obama in Illinois press seem to be written like a love sonnet. This doesn't even include flat out opinion pieces from other parts of the nation. So much fawning, so little actual antagonistic reporting. How silly!)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Barack Obama put on "Watch List" for 2005

No its not the terror watch list. Although his positions on the War On Terror almost make him a sympathizer of the "other side".

But the Daily Standard has put him on the "5 in 2005" predicting he will be a major player, shaker, mover, all in his freshman term.

"BARACK OBAMA. Has any politician ever entered Congress to such ubiquitous fanfare as Barack Obama? Probably not. Will he measure up to the hype? We'll soon find out. No question Obama gave a wonderful speech at the Democratic convention. It's hard to imagine another liberal Democrat, let alone Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, delivering it. But make no mistake: Obama is indeed a liberal. Consider his record as an Illinois state senator. Obama has supported strict anti-gun measures, promoted universal health care, defended racial preferences, opposed tough-on-crime legislation designed to thwart gang violence, and voted "present" on an Illinois partial-birth abortion ban. He also spoke out against President Bush's tax cuts and the Iraq war. (At an October 2002 antiwar rally, Obama called the anti-Saddam buildup a cynical ploy cooked up by Karl Rove to "distract us" from domestic problems.) Obama's lofty, unconventional rhetoric made him a star at the convention. But he'll need more than words to distinguish himself in the U.S. Senate."

Everything they mention - he did in fact do in the State Senate so we at the Obama Factor tend to believe the Daily Standard on this one. Great Oratory he's got - but how will he vote? Will he defend America in the age of terrorism? Will he continue with his radical attacks on the unborn? Will he fight to protect marriage? His State Senate voting record says none of these are likely...but we too will wait and see where the votes go.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Obama raking in "Year End Recognition"

This week multiple news organizations honored Obama.

In his hometown the Chicago Sun Times named him on of the "Year's Biggest" local stories...
"Obama charged onto the national stage at the Democratic National Convention in July with an acclaimed keynote speech declaring "in no other country on earth is my story even possible.''
When his campaign to get to Washington was beginning, Obama himself joked about his name, which he received from his Kenyan father, calling it a possible political liability.
But behind the jokes, Obama ran a serious, textbook-perfect campaign. And on the campaign trail, he appealed to everyone across the state, from the inner city to the cornfields.
In recent weeks, he has been on the cover of Newsweek and signed a $1.9 million three-book contract. Obama's also already being touted as a likely future presidential or vice presidential candidate."

His neighbors and friends to the north in Madison, Wisconsin and The Capital Times named him their person of the year...
"Obama beat more prominent Democrats for his party's Senate nomination because he was more courageous politically - opposing the war in Iraq, criticizing the Patriot Act and promising to battle corporate special interests. And he wowed the convention, and the nation, by eschewing standard rhetoric in favor of an uplifting and unifying message that was in stark contrast to the dispiriting politics of 2004. If he carries that courage and vision into the Senate, he may well succeed in setting a different, and better, tone."

And CNN listed him as one of the top "political plays of the year"...
"Did the Democrats produce a star? They sure did.
'The hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too,' said Barack Obama in his speech at the Democratic National Convention on July 27.
Obama won a stunning 43-point victory after wowing Democrats with his spellbinding oratory at the Boston convention."

All and all - a ton of recognition for someone who has yet to accomplish anything in his position - but with the left it often is symbolism that beats out substance...

Obama Factor: Kenya sending celebratory delegation...

On Monday, a celebration of a Senator's swearing in will have some international representation. Kenya is planning on sending a delegation of politicians and relatives to the ceremony. Obama will be visiting Nairobi in May of 2005 and speak at an international media conference.

Even though the Senator has never lived there, Kenyans consider Obama a local and celebrated as he easily won his first election and became the only African American in the 2005 Senate...