Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Barack Obama put on "Watch List" for 2005

No its not the terror watch list. Although his positions on the War On Terror almost make him a sympathizer of the "other side".

But the Daily Standard has put him on the "5 in 2005" predicting he will be a major player, shaker, mover, all in his freshman term.

"BARACK OBAMA. Has any politician ever entered Congress to such ubiquitous fanfare as Barack Obama? Probably not. Will he measure up to the hype? We'll soon find out. No question Obama gave a wonderful speech at the Democratic convention. It's hard to imagine another liberal Democrat, let alone Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, delivering it. But make no mistake: Obama is indeed a liberal. Consider his record as an Illinois state senator. Obama has supported strict anti-gun measures, promoted universal health care, defended racial preferences, opposed tough-on-crime legislation designed to thwart gang violence, and voted "present" on an Illinois partial-birth abortion ban. He also spoke out against President Bush's tax cuts and the Iraq war. (At an October 2002 antiwar rally, Obama called the anti-Saddam buildup a cynical ploy cooked up by Karl Rove to "distract us" from domestic problems.) Obama's lofty, unconventional rhetoric made him a star at the convention. But he'll need more than words to distinguish himself in the U.S. Senate."

Everything they mention - he did in fact do in the State Senate so we at the Obama Factor tend to believe the Daily Standard on this one. Great Oratory he's got - but how will he vote? Will he defend America in the age of terrorism? Will he continue with his radical attacks on the unborn? Will he fight to protect marriage? His State Senate voting record says none of these are likely...but we too will wait and see where the votes go.


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