Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Chicago Sun Times: Obama as Eddie Haskell

His first serious committee hearings have come and gone and Barrack Obama seemed to not really make a name for himself. The Obama Factor believes that to be a good thing.

In allowing the rabidly insane and poisonous dwarf from California to be the main embarrassment for the Democrats, (Boxer) Obama avoided any PR related issues in the first visible assignment of the young legislative year.

He did impress the sad little Chicago Sun Times. He also did find a way to try to make concerted digs at Dr. Rice's record - which he pretty much flailed at.

Dr. Rice is out of Obama's league - and he knew it. And in refusing to get engaged in the game of "pout and screech" that Boxer and failed Presidential candidate (we love saying that) Kerry got in to he gets by with a passing grade.

Some points removed for the silly attempt to corner Dr. Rice. But some added for recognizing her accomplishments and competency and in the end voting to recommend her to the full Senate.


Blogger Amy Allen said...

Amen, brother/sister!

2:55 PM  
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