Sunday, January 16, 2005

Obama Factor: Weekend Newswatch...Obama's Recent Headlines

The New York Post chats up the idea of an Obama Vice-Presidency in 2008. The idea is as running mate with present New York Attorney General - Eliot Spitzer. The idea is ridiculous because we all know Hillary Clinton will be the candidate.

The Obama Factor does believe that Obama makes the most sense for a Hillary candidacy as a named VP.

Not surprisingly this silly idea stemmed from the "Eliot Spitzer for Governor" website...

The (Chicago) Daily Herald is also pointing out that Obama is still behaving as though he is still running for office. Though we guess now would not be too early a time to begin working donors and crowds for 2008 VP votes... He held a very similar townhall style gathering just days before and the Chicago Tribune loved it... But what can you expect from the parent company of the L.A. Times?

It turned out to be a bit of a busy week for him - he opened yet another patronage clearing we mean "office" in Springfield.

(Paranthetical thought here: why does every "news story" written about Obama in Illinois press seem to be written like a love sonnet. This doesn't even include flat out opinion pieces from other parts of the nation. So much fawning, so little actual antagonistic reporting. How silly!)


Blogger Derek said...

As a senator I feel Mr. Obama has already done a great job. His first order of buisness was calling for a public inquiry into why Illinois veterans receive 26% less in benifits than veterans in other states. Senator Obama has already made me pround, and I look forward to his presidential run.

10:44 PM  

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