Thursday, February 10, 2005

Barack Obama: The Reason Black History Month Must Continue.

A bit overblown maybe? This op-ed from Newsday points to Barack Obama in nearly Messianic terms. Sure - we believe he will make a serious run for VP in 2008 alongside Hillary. And we believe he will eventually seek to be the top of the ticket at some point...

But to label Obama as: "the exception..." as to why "we still need Black History month". Not only overstates Obama's importance (he has yet to sign his name to any accomplishment thus far), but also diminishes the true value of truly important African that cute size 6 who has most Europe tied around her pinky right now.

Good grief Newsday...get a life.


Blogger Lee Walton, PMP, MCSE said...

THE definitive interview w/ Barack Obama on this faith.

6:26 AM  

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