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Obama Factor: Does he or does he not support the War on Terror?

It seems a funny thing to most...if you say one thing and then do another, most of the time, you are not taken seriously.

Throughout Barack Obama's campaign he repeatedly asserted his opposition to the War On Terror. He constantly appeased the lefties who bank-rolled him that he would in fact oppose the War and would work vigorously to end the effort in Iraq.

So far he is zip for zip on those promises...

But today this news report found him doing something I'm sure none of us ever thought we would see him doing...defending the existence of a military base? Two of them?

Illinois' two senators are hoping no military installations in the
state will make it on the Pentagon's next list of cuts.Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama today sent letters to the nominees to the Base Realignment and Closure or BRAC Commission. In the letters, the senators stress the importance of the bases to the state's economy and the nation's military readiness.All U.S. military bases are up for consideration during the BRAC process, including five in Illinois, the Air National Guard Bases in Peoria and Springfield, Scott Air Force Base, the Rock Island Arsenal and Great Lakes Naval Training Center.The 182nd Airlift Wing updated its fleet last week with the addition of eight C-130's.The aircraft built in the 1990's replace a fleet of 40-year-old models.The federal government plans to close another round of military bases it considers 'surplus' this year.Illinois lost 5 military bases in 3 previous base losing rounds.

So let's review - when he is running for the position of Senator on behalf of the decmoratic nut wing of his party - he runs to the Howard Dean crowd and says, "Yes sir, I'm your man!"

After he's elected, "oh - its a moral outrage to not have so many military bases in Illinois."

I know that having Senator Dufus be your partner and mentor is not a good training ground. But really shouldn't he be allowed to speak and act without giving evidence of the mindless self-serving nature that Dick Durbin possesses in such abundance.


Blogger So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Fact: In his debate against Alan Keyes, Sen. Obama said, " Invading Iraq was a bad strategic blunder," but that "We must make sure that Iraq is stable having gone in there." I realize that we should not expect you to rely on the fact because they don't support your position, but please do not expect anyone else to take you seriously until you do.

In addition, please don't expect anyone to take you seriously as long as you slander Sen. Obama with racially stereotyped characterizations, e.g. "Yes, suh, I'm your man!" Such anachronistic dialog -- better suited for an "Amos and Andy" script or Steppin' Fetchit -- is merely insulting, demeaning and and, quite likely, racist. It is not the stuff of serious political dialogue.

But then you have proven, time and again, that you are not the stuff of serious political dialogue either.

4:36 AM  
Blogger So-Called Austin Mayor said...

I know that writing can be tough, so you really should ask your home-room teacher for some help in correcting the multiple mistakes in this sentence:

"I know that have Senator Dufus be your partner and mentor is not a good training ground, but he really should allow himself to speak and act without giving evidence of the mindless self-serving nature that Dick Durbin possesses in such abundance."

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Blogger RaisingPaine said...

An elected official can be against the non-sensical "War on Terror" while still defending the presence of military bases within the areas the areas they represent. A war can only be declared by Congress and even then only against a sovereign nation...not a concept, e.g. terrorism. It is and has always been the government's responsibility to protect it's citizenry against terrorism, both domestic and foreign. There is no need to "declare" anything...and even in that the administration has failed since there is no doubt US interests are less safe now then on 9/11. Sure, terrorists have been captured no doubt...but by not addressing the root cause, for every one you take off the street, two are created. But I digress.

While, of course, the elected official's prime rationale to avoid base closings would be the negative impact on his constituent's economy, it still must be demonstrated that closing the base compromises the nation's military readiness. Were an elected representative not to make a brash defense of federally-funded interests in his own state, he would be derelict in his responsibilities to those that elected him. It's not about protecting "pork"'s about defending the livelihood of families whose communities depend on those bases for jobs, many ofwhich form an essential part of the tax base needed by local govenments to pay for services to it's citizens.

And don't make me go off here...why is the DoD budget in such a shambles that these base closings are necessary, anyway? In the time that it takes you to read this sentence (according to the Center For American Progress), we will have spent another $12,000 in Iraq. Scary, huh...?

"Government, at it's best, is a necessary evil. At it's worst, an intolerant one."
-- Thomas Paine

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Blogger Lee Walton, PMP, MCSE said...

THE definitive interview w/ Barack Obama on this faith.

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