Saturday, February 05, 2005

Obama: "Gonzales failed to show moral clarity..."

On Friday in the Chicago Sun Times, Lynn Sweet observed some thing about Dick Durbin's and Barack Obama's recent votes on Cabinet nominees.

Senator Dufus (Durbin) of course sided with the KKK's Robert Byrd in voting against the only African American woman ever to be nominated to the position of Secretary of State. Durbin has made a living in recent years doing all he can to keep well qualified nominees for federal judiciary positions locked out through his use of filibusters. Durbin has slammed African Americans, Hispanics, and some of the most qualified women ever to be nominated.

Senator Obama on the other hand DID vote for Secretary Rice. At least on some level Senator Obama recognized that it would reflect incredibly poor on his judgement to side with the former Grand Kleagal of the KKK.

Gonzales however was a different matter. Towards the end of the Lynn Sweet column the Sun-Times columnist
relates this interaction.
We talked Thursday morning in his windowless temporary office in the basement of the Dirksen Senate Office Building. A big file was on his desk,
labeled transcripts from Gonzales' confirmation hearing. Those transcripts only increased his concerns, he said.

Earlier, Gonzales met privately with Obama in a quest for his vote. It was, Obama told me, a "vigorous discussion.'' Gonzales was not persuasive. The nation does not need an "attorney general who can't say no to the president.''

In a floor speech, Obama said the job of an attorney general is to be the "people's lawyer'' and not the "president's lawyer,'' finding narrow legal arguments to justify a policy the White House wants to execute.

Said Obama, who is charting his course in his early days in the Senate, Gonzales did not "show an ability to speak with responsible moral clarity.''
An inability "to speak with moral clarity"? He's kidding right?

This is the same Senator who as a State Senator in Illinois voted in the minority to protect a procedure that would allow a baby born alive to be left to die in a soiled utility room. Senator Obama would allow the passive taking of this innocent and vulnerable life through neglect - simply because the mother who gave the child birth would not want him/her.

In addition to this the Senator is on record as supporting the right of the doctor to deliver a child to within two inches of birth, thrusting a pair of scissors into the child's cranium, crushing the brain of the child, allowing it to be suctioned out, and then deliver the body of the now dead baby. This procedure is commonly referred to as "partial birth abortion" and the American Medical Association is on record as stating that this procedure is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother.

If Senator Obama can not see the lack of moral clarity in his own immoral beliefs it gives one cause for great doubt in him having any ability to see moral clarity in other's beliefs.

As to the issue of Gonzales, the War On Terror, and even the methods used to extract information that will save us from future terror attacks...Obama apparently does not believe that there is a true War On Terror at all. Therefore any discussions beyond that point becomes mute.


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